We are so excited to launch School of Discipleship!  Here at Vibrant Church, our desire is to create a culture of disciple-making based on the 7 rhythms of discipleship and experiential learning.

Built on the first church from Acts 2, School of Discipleship is a simple, intentional plan for the healthy spiritual growth for the believer.  Whether you’ve been following Jesus for 30 years or 30 minutes, this is for you!  We can’t wait to partner with you on this life-changing, disciple-making journey!

The following 7 rhythms are the foundation of this experience and the life of any growing disciple.  


Scripture is the very Word of God. Through it, He equips us with all we need to learn about Him and live a life pleasing to Him. A daily rhythm of reading, meditating on and applying God’s Word to our lives is key.



One of the most important elements in any relationship is communication. Prayer is just that: engaging God in a conversation, sharing our hearts with Him, and spending time listening to His voice, both individually and in community.


Jesus saves those who believe and call upon His name. Saving grace is once and for all (justification) and also a continual invitation to repent for our wrongdoings. With the help of the Spirit we take inventory of our lives, humbly and honestly confess our sin, and turn away from our sin toward God in surrender. Through Jesus’ offer of forgiveness, we receive true freedom.



Giving demonstrates our dependence on God. We acknowledge that all we own has been given to us by Him. In His generosity to us, God desires that we, too, are generous and will use our resources as a tangible way to partner with Him in His work in the world and in the lives of those around us. We are blessed to be a blessing.


We are called and equipped by the Holy Spirit to share God’s love by participating in the ministry of Jesus. He has given us agency with Him to fearlessly influence our society and the world. When we serve in the world and in His church, we impact those around us and reveal God’s glory.



The greatest gift we can ever give someone who doesn’t yet know Jesus is an introduction to Him. Sharing our life stories is the most powerful way to show the transforming power and salvation offered through Jesus Christ. When we tell our stories of transformation, we tell the story of God.


As children of God, it is important to consistently set aside time to remember what God has done, to thank Him for it, and to put Him on display as we give Him the glory. In all circumstances, we are called to practice God-centered worship.

  what you need to know:


          • This 10 week course runs from February 26 – April 29
          • We meet Monday nights from 6pm – 7pm at Vibrant Church
          • You will be in small groups (8-12 people) led by a facilitator
          • There is a cost incurred, which includes the curriculum workbook
          • Childcare is available